On Wednesday, 3 August 2016, at 23.40h, Klaus received a request from Adam Paxman to play at his wedding in Liverpool on Saturday, 6 August. Adam had suddenly been let down by his organist. Some demanding pieces were on the order of service, which had already been printed. Klaus was no longer free on that day and immediately sent a text message to Adam announcing that an email was to follow. Adam phoned Klaus, and before and after midnight the two had a long brain-storming conversation discussing on how Adam could find a local organist in a hurry. Klaus followed that by a detailed email confirming the conversation and giving Adam email addresses, phone numbers and links. On 4 August Klaus received the email reproduced below. Later on the same day Adam confirmed that one of the organists recommended by Klaus had agreed to play at his wedding.

Date: 4 August 1026, 00.23 hours

Dear Klaus,

Many thanks for your all of your help and guidance. I am in the process of following up your 'leads'.

I will certainly bear you in mind when friends announce weddings, and for any future events that Anna and I have.

You are a true gentleman, and I greatly appreciate your help.

Very warmest regards,