Stanstead funeral: Cancellation

Date: 10 April 2017


In the afternoon of 10 April 2017, Klaus heard that an organist was needed for a funeral in Stanstead the following morning, and his offer to play (fee plus train tickets) was accepted. The music to be played was agreed by phone and email. Klaus bought his train tickets at the nearest station and returned to catch his bus home. When arriving at the bus stop, he received a message saying that an organist had already been booked by the undertakers without informing the mourning family. Therefore, with regrets, Klaus was no longer required. Klaus returned to the train station and managed to persuade the ticket clerk to take back the tickets, worth £31.20, without applying the customary cancellation charge. Klaus informed the chief mourner, Paul Brunker, with a touch of humour, that he had had a lucky escape concerning the travel expenses, asked Paul to recommend him to the undertakers and use Klaus at some future happier occasion. Paul then sent the following email.

Date: 13/04/17


I apologise for the late reply, things have been busy here. Had you incurred any cost (other than that of the time I have wasted) I would have gladly compensated you in recognition of your helpfulness. I am indeed fortunate that you saved me even that expense - though my luck did not run to having a funeral director efficient enough to keep me informed of their plans!

I will certainly recommend you to the funeral directors here - whilst I did not get to hear you play I can certainly vouch for your responsive and helpful manner, which are themselves of course very important at these times - and you will be first on my list when we next organise something at which your talents could be of service.


Paul Brunker