Background: Shortly before a Wedding in Hollingbourne on 7 October, Klaus was approached by a mother who emailed: 'We are told organ not up to Widor Toccata, which we had wanted! So Arrival of Queen of Sheba poss? Or anything but Wedding March!'? Klaus could not play because, on the same date, he had been booked to play at a wedding in Loures, near Lisbon, Portugal, but he sent an email suggesting ways of finding an organist and provided a list of easy and suitable pieces 'other than Wedding March', e.g. March of the Priests (Mozart, Magic Flute), St Anthony Chorale (Brahms), Gavotte from Wedding Cantata (Bach), Entre-Act (Schubert, Rosamunde) and addresses of music libraries where these could be found.

He received the following reply:

Date: 18 September 2017

Dear Klaus,

Thank you SO much for your prompt and extremely helpful response - I will look at all these options immediately and will take your advice as to an organist advertisement.

As you can imagine, we're panicking slightly but you've given us so many pointers for which I am very grateful.

It's actually my daughter's wedding so I will pass on your very good wishes. Have an amazing time in Lisbon - what a booking!

All best and thanks again,