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This website puts you in touch with churches and choirs who are
looking for organists and pianists for specific days or on a long-term basis.
There are no charges for using the site, or for being a Listed Organist.

Established in November 2000, Organists Online is an internet based system for helping churches and choirs find organists and pianists, either for one-off engagements or for more permanent arrangements.

Requests for organists or pianists are placed on the site either by telephone, email, or online form. Apart from appearing on the site, these requests are made known via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The webpages are updated daily (often several times) and the social media notifications are sent out several times each week.

Organists who choose this option may become Listed Organists. Basic contact details and professional information for all Listed Organists appear on the same page, enabling site-users to find any particular organist quickly and to knowsomething about them.

Alternatively, for an annual fee of £10, organists may become Registered Organists. Registered organists have an individual web page embedded in the site, full of detailed information. The page ONLY includes the information requested by the organist who registers. Links to these embedded pages appear on the first information page of the site. They also function as stand-alone websites with their own web address (such as and can be directly accessed from any browser.

The accumulated fees from registered pages are being used to advertise the site nationally and increase its use by people seeking organists.

For further information, to become listed
or to register, please visit the website

or contact
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medieval organist