E-mail received from
Edward Sanniez, Minister,
St Margaret's & St George's United Reformed & Moravian Church,
Nicoll Road,
London NW10-9AX

Date: 28 May 2015

Dear Klaus,

Thank you for helping us out on the 24th of May.

I was particularly pleased with your sensitivity in playing the organ in the sense that you did not drown the voices as others tend to. You adjusted very well to our style of worship and were able to provide a melody without being forewarned.

It suffices to say that the congregation was very warm towards you, and this can be summed up by a remark from a retired minister in the congregation - 'He is very good,' he said.

Thanks also for taking the trouble to clean our organ keys. We are grateful.

Thanks again and God bless,


Date: 6 October 2015>

Klaus Bung showed exceptional care, skill and musicality in providing music and musical accompaniment for our Communion Service on Sunday. We appreciated very much his meticulous preparation over the choice of tunes from a variety of sources.  He proved himself willing and able to adapt to our particular style of worship and expressed his joy in so doing.  He made our old organ sing!

Donald W Elliott (Revd)
35 Meyrick Road
Tel: 020-8933 7558
Email: donaldw.elliott@ntlworld.com